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Wine tourism

Among vineyards and olive groves

This circuit (by car or by bike) via vineyards and olive groves, offers a riot of different landscapes. From red « ruffes » to rocky dolimites, garrigue to little copses, with glimpses of the Lac du Salagou between rolling hills, the striking countryside at the heart of the Terrasses du Larzac terroir is revealed.
« Vineyards and olive groves around the Salagou » 70km, 2hrs by car.

And also

« Canal and River tour » (14.5km on foot or by bike) and « Fountain and Wash house tour » (11.5km on foot or by bike).

  • Tourist Office in Gignac or Saint Guilhem
  • Tel : 04 67 57 58 83 or 04 67 57 44 33
A trek through the vines

This is a route which cannot fail to attract the visitor’s eye. It is perfectly signposted with forty-two pannels in red, yellow and black, offering a multitude of information on the vines, heritage, olive trees, local geology etc. It was thought up by the wine-makers of St Félix and plunges the visitor into the heart of the vineyards for a 20 kilometre loop. The walk takes you through vines, garrigue, leafy bushes, broom, lavender and pine trees where the scent of thyme and rosemary fills the air.

  • « Discovery of the vineyards of St Félix-de-Lodèz tour » - Wine Cooperative  - 34725 St Félix-de-Lodèz
  • Tel : 04 67 96 60 61
The essence of a vineyard

This is a unique sensory experience. Before tasting his wines, Frederic Kast proposes to his visitors, a guided walk with five stops that will heighten each of the senses. It is by listening to the wind beneath a two hundred year-old oak tree, touching the earth in the shade of a copse, or smelling the scents of the garrigue and other aromatic plants, that characterise Capion’s wines, that the visitor will capture the spirit of this vineyard. The ensuing wine-tasting thus becomes a rare moment of discovery and pleasure.

  • Château Capion – Frédéric Kast – 34150 Gignac
  • Tel : 04 67 57 71 37
  • Visits by appointment – 5€ per person or 3€ per person for groups

And also

Montpeyroux wine cooperative

An unmissable guided visit, where you will be told about the local architecture and heritage, the history of the surounding paths and tracks throughout the ages, the fauna and flora and the social economy of Montpeyroux.

  • La Cave de Montpeyroux – 34150 Montpeyroux
  • Tel : 04 67 96 61 08 – free – reservations via the tourist office at St Guilhem le Désert : 04 67 57 44 33 (Guide : Mickael Venturini)
Mas Fabregous

This tour through the vines proposed by Philipe and Corrine Gros, the owners of the Mas, will allow you to discover the region’s secrets. The role of guide is played by Gino, a musician, photographer and rock climber, who fell in love with the domaine’s wines and the region. By appointment only.

  • Philippe and Corinne Gros – 34700 Soubès
  • Tel : 04 67 44 31 75
The little vineyard train, Domaine Alexandrin

Wine-grower Jérôme Hermet takes you on a tractorized train ride through the village of St Jean de Fos and his vineyards, followed by a wine-tasting at the domaine. Discover the local countryside, vines, different grape varieties and the daily life of a wine-grower. 

  • 7, Avenue du Monument, 34150 St Jean de Fos
  • Tel : 04 67 57 72 09 or 06 70 02 38 69
  • Prices : adults 4€, children 6-14 2€ (cost reimbursed if you purchase over 20€ of wine at the domaine)
Pégairolles-de-l’Escalette wine cooperative

The smallest wine cooperative in the Herault department and undoubtedly one of the oldest. in the middle of the stunning and classified village of Pérairolles-de-l’Escalette. A little jewel which just begs to be discovered.

  • Les Vignerons de Pégairolles-de-l’Escalette
  • Tel : 04 67 44 09 93

Favourite artists

Here is a selection of the Terrasses du Larzac wine-makers favourite artists

Annick et Charly, artistic ironwork

Crazy but absolutely fabulous. Sculptures made from scrap iron, each one unique. Commissions taken.

Claude Destand, potter

Coming from a long line of potters, it is Claude Destand who was responsible for reviving the art of pottery in the village. You can watch him work at the back of his shop. Not only does he make beautiful crockery and superb vases but also his own enamel. Children’s workshop for 7 year-olds and up.

Michel Solé, painter

For his canvases of local landscapes, Michel uses the knife technique. Exhibition at Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert.

  • Tel : 04 67 96 74 18
Nicolas Blondeau, wood sculptor

Nicolas specialises in enhancing wood. His latest creation is a wooden totem in Adissan.

  • Eclat d’Bois – 34150 Saint-Jean-de-Fos
  • Tel : 06 75 59 31 78

Highlighted events

« Circulade vigneronne en Terrasses du Larzac »

For the last several years, walks for food and wine-lovers around the AOC Languedoc terroirs have been held for thousands of visitors, who come for a day out in the vines and a chance to taste the local wines and gastronomy. This is the Terrasses du Larzac’s version.

  • Tel : 04 67 06 04 44 – 45€ per person (groups min 12 people : 38€)
  • Ist Saturday in July, from 4.30pm

And also

  • April : « Toutes caves ouvertes » in Montpeyroux, where all the local producers hold an open day
  • Beginning of June : wine competition in Gignac
  • First weekend in June : wine fair circuit, where six French wine cooperatives are invited
  • End of July : wine fair in Aniane
  • October : Prim’Art at Saint Saturnin